Everylash Lash Kit

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Everylash Lash Kit

The LASH KIT combines all of our four original magnetic lashes with 10 magnets each into one amazing bundled offering all in one elegantly designed package. Our original lashes were designed to offer a different lash for every important part of your life: from going out on the town with a hot date (DATELASH), looking beautiful during your professional daily work life (HUSTLELASH), living your best life while doing daily activities such as shopping, hanging with friends, or completing daily routines (DAYLASH), and working out or getting active and sweaty (ACTIVELASH). With all of these lashes together, you will always have a lash that is perfect for any occasion. In addition to our original lashes, you get our magnetic liner and our magnetic lash applicator included with the KIT. Not only does this LASH KIT give you all of our original lashes, liner, and applicator, but you get a huge discount for buying them all together

    • 3 pairs of 100% mink lashes (HUSTLELASH | DATELASH | DAYLASH) 
    • 1 pair of Hydra Silk lashes (ACTIVELASH) | Waterproof
    • Additional Lash details: 10 magnet Lashes | hand made | 50 reusable all-day wears
    • 1 Magnetic black eyeliner bottle 
    • 1 Rose gold metal applicator 

How to Apply

  • Apply everylash magnetic liquid eyeliner along lash line and allow to dry completely for one minute before applying lashes.
  • Place lashes securely on dried liner.
  • To remove eyelashes, gently peel the lashes from your outer lash toward your inner eye.
  • Use standard makeup removal product along lashes to remove eyeliner completely.